About the Coach

Who's Matt and why is he a coach

about the coach

Matt is a certified CBT Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner, Advanced Life Coaching Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner, Yin Yoga teacher, Mindfulness teacher, author, public speaker, and entrepreneur. He comes from an extensive background in the Canadian Forces, has worked as a correctional Officer in provincial jails, and done various work in the private security sector.

Since a very young age, he had a passion for fitness and health, which transitioned into an interest in human psychology and mastering the mind. Matt went through a lot of traumatic experiences in his life. From being bullied as a child and teenager, to being a cancer survivor, to dealing with the suicide of his dad and battling depression and substance abuse; Matt had to learn different ways to regain the mental edge and physical wellbeing he needed to keep going. He also went through various toxic relationships before he met and married the love of his life Jodi.

His experience and journey have always been continuous progress towards finding happiness and mastering his life. If there is one person that has been tested on all levels in life, it’s Matt. Since then, he decided to dedicate his life to helping people who are experiencing various struggles. His passion is assisting others in regaining control of different areas in their life that needs attention. He specializes in being a performance and mindset coach. Matt is very proud of the business he created, and with the assistance of his lovely wife, they are willing to help others achieve a better life. They also own and operate a podcast called The Living Better Podcast, which aims at improving people’s lives with tips, tricks, interviews, and much more.