Are you living your life like a circus elephant?

Hey everyone, I wanted to take a moment today to make you think about your life and to ask you a very specific question. Are you living your life to it’s full potential or are you limiting yourself to achieve greatness?

As a kid, I was always fascinated by how a 10 000 pounds elephant could stay in place in a circus setting by only being attached to a small rope and a post to the ground. If anything, that strong elephant could easily break free from that and destroy the whole circus tent. I was thinking that it was because he was so well trained and had incredible disciplined. It’s later in life that I discovered that I was wrong.

I was explained that at a very young age when elephants are still babies, they were attached to the rope and post. Throughout days even weeks later, they would try to pull away from the rope and break free from it. After numerous attempts and strenuous efforts, they would eventually realize they weren’t strong enough and give up. This would create in the elephant mind that he is not strong enough to break away from that rope and post.

Now the elephant would grow up bigger, taller and stronger yet would never try to break free ever again from that rope. The thing that is impressive is as the elephant grew bigger and taller, the post and rope remained the same size. You would think that the circus staff would change this to be safe and secure but the elephant had such strong beliefs that they couldn’t break away from this set up, that the staff never needed to change anything.

This is how some of us are living our lives. We believe we aren’t capable of doing something so we just never put the efforts and never achieve the results we truly desire. When it comes to what an individual can accomplish in life, we are always guilty of self limiting our potential and it is most if not always the case that external factors are not at faults and it’s simply our strong self limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

When you change what you believe about yourself and the story you are telling yourself day in and day out, you change your potential and what you can achieve. We are all born the same with no knowledge or skill set and everything someone ever accomplished or did is because he took the time to learn, apply himself, and despite failure and challenges, he kept pushing for more and succeed. When you start believing in yourself and focus on what you want, get more information, learn more, ask questions, and try, magical things can happen.

So today I wanted to ask you to think about this. Are you a circus elephant or not?

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