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mind coach

Peak Coaching – What is a Mind Coach?

Mind Coach MeaningA mind coach is a professional and expert who partners with their clients in rewiring the way they think, also known as mind training. This involves teaching them to be the best version of themselves, removing any mental […]

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The Best Sleeping Mask on the Market

Hey people, I wanted to share with you my experience in discovering the best sleeping mask on the market. I have been a shift worker for so many years. Ever since I hit 16 years of age, I have been […]

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suqatty potty

The Squatty Potty Benefits

The Squatty Potty In today’s society, gut health and healthy bowel movements, have become an important subject in health junkies and fitness experts. We know that keeping stools for longer than necessary in your body affects your health and waistline. […]

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The Benefits of Daily Meditation

After my dad committed suicide in 2019, I fell in a deep depression that lasted mostly all year. This has been one of the hardest time of my life and an ongoing battle that I had to fought hard to […]

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inner peace

Ways to Find Inner Peace When Your World Is Chaos

Anyone who has experienced an ounce of stress, or feels overwhelmed, or has attempted to navigate a chaotic environment can tell you that hearing the words ‘calm down’ doesn’t help, it even hurts. The notion that finding inner peace only […]

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Are you living your life like a circus elephant?

Hey everyone, I wanted to take a moment today to make you think about your life and to ask you a very specific question. Are you living your life to it’s full potential or are you limiting yourself to achieve […]

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Today I want to talk to you about limiting beliefs and what they do . If I was to ask you what’s your story and what do you tell yourself on a day to day basis, what would you say?  […]

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