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Peak Coaching is always interested in connecting with people, other coaches, professionals, and organizations that align with our mission. For any media inquiries, podcast and interview requests, collaboration work, seminars, ideas, and more, please contact us at

We are also always looking for sponsors for our podcast named The Living Better Podcast or ways to affiliate with products and services related to well-being, human performance, health and fitness, and more. Contact us to let us know how we can work together in a mutually beneficial relationship, and it will be our pleasure to jump on board.

Peak Coaching is focused and interested in enhancing human capabilities through performance and mindset training. We always seek to discuss and connect with people who want to advance this topic and share their knowledge with humanity. This has been a mission of ours since the passing of Matt’s dad through suicide. If you want to participate in our dedicated podcast on well-being, please contact us with your podcast subject ideas and what you would like to discuss with us, and we will schedule an interview.

For anything else in terms of services and needs, use the form below and let us know what you seek to achieve with our coaching business. It will be our pleasure to get in touch and offer you a free complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs.

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