The Best Sleeping Mask on the Market

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Hey people, I wanted to share with you my experience in discovering the best sleeping mask on the market. I have been a shift worker for so many years. Ever since I hit 16 years of age, I have been dealing with a work schedule in the security field that alternates days and nights. In retrospect, I had to find ways to increase the duration and quality of my sleep. That’s when I decided that the best way I could do so, was to try on different sleeping mask and set myself with bedtime routine aimed at lowering stimulation. So I started buying various sleeping mask models on amazon and tried them on to see what was best for me. I realized after trying over 25 brands, that one particular brand was amazing. They are called Sleep Monkey and the company aims at creating the best and most comfortable sleep masks in the world. Being a back and side sleeper, I needed a mask that was able to do both, while being breathable and lightweight, yet comfortable and blackout. The Sleep Monkey was my verdict.

They currently have two models available. They make a sleep mask that’s made out of modal fabric. It is ultra-breathable and lightweight and offers a total blackout experience. You can wear this thing in broad daylight and you don’t have any issues with the darkness it provides. The advantage of having a sleep mask, it’s that it is like a portable blackout curtain. You can use it at any time anywhere. This mask has a wide velcro to allow you to adapt to various head sizes and it wraps around the ears providing a comfortable experience that’s very calming and soothing. I find it kinds of putting me into my zone before bed.

The other mask they make is made out of silk and has earplugs and a cooling gel insert. This allows you to wear it with the insert to reduce puffiness and dark circles around your eyes or you can simply use the ultra comfortable silk mask without the insert. It comes as a beautiful little kit and has everything you need for an awesome night sleep. If you want the best sleeping mask on the market you have to check them out.

Please visit to check out the top ten of the best sleep masks in the world.

Enjoy the best sleep of your life!

Coach Matt

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