The best tool I found for meditation – The Muse 2 Headband

Muse 2 meditation headband

When I started meditating, I had a hard time getting feedback or knowing if I was doing it well. This is where one of my friend suggested that I buy the muse headband. I thought to myself, what kind of gimmick is this and do I really need that. Either way I believe his words and decided to get one for myself. I can tell you from experience that the muse headband is really what got me to master meditation. It uses your brain waves and headphones to let you know when you are in the right state of mind or when your thoughts are drifting away and you are losing control. It’s truly amazing and to this day, I never meditate without it.

Would you like more peace and tranquility in your life? If you’re looking for an effective way to relax, relieve stress, and achieve a greater level of calm to help you manage in today’s chaotic world, then perhaps you should consider the all new Muse 2 Brain Sensing Headband.

The Muse 2 uses a variety of proven methods, including sensors to gather feedback from your own brain and body, gentle and soothing sounds, and other relaxation techniques to calm your busy mind and guide you into a state of peace, calm, and deeper focus.

By providing accurate, real-time feedback of your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and movements, Muse 2 allows you to achieve a balance between body and mind, providing you with a deep calm and inner harmony. It truly is meditation made easy.

The headband connects to your phone and through an app, you can get vocal guided meditations or you can go with my favorite option which is just auditory feedback through nature sounds. I like to use rain for my practice. The way it works is that I sit still and calmly focus on my breathing while the headband and app record my brain waves and my headphones are playing rain in the background. The goal is to achieve no thoughts so that your brain gets into the right brainwave patterns. When this happened, the rain will subside and you will hear birds starting to sing very gently. This is where you know that you are in the best positive brain wave patterns to rep all the benefits of meditation. Now the issue at first is that when you hear the birds, you will get excited and start focusing on that sound thus snapping you out of the right mindset since you are paying attention and the rain will intensify. With time, you will become a master and stop paying attention when the birds come on. This will result in you being able to hit the calm zone and staying in it for as long as possible.

I really enjoy using this headband because you get instant feedback of how good you are currently doing and how focused on nothing you are able to be. I would totally suggest this product to anybody who seeks to deepen and master meditation on a regular basis. The app tracks and give you charts of your progress so you can always know when your mind is optimal or not and then work on your practice. I will provide you the links down below on where to get this amazing product. Happy Meditation people!

For Americans, there are three different devices from the Muse to Muse 2 to Muse S.


Muse 2:

Muse S:

For Canadians please check:


Muse 2:

Muse S:

I hope you will find this product as useful as I have been loving it myself and suggest it to all my clients.

Coach Matt


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