The Squatty Potty Benefits

suqatty potty

The Squatty Potty

In today’s society, gut health and healthy bowel movements, have become an important subject in health junkies and fitness experts. We know that keeping stools for longer than necessary in your body affects your health and waistline. Constipation is a common problem in North America and it prevents your body from working optimally.

You may be going to the bathroom wrong

While that may seem like a silly statement to make, about 1 in 6Trusted Source Americans experience chronic constipation.

With awkward doctors’ visits and possible medical interventions with unwanted side effects, many people are trying different ways to make using the toilet an afterthought in their everyday lives.

Relief may come in the form of simply adjusting your toilet to better fit the shape of your colon.

New research backs up the potential benefits of outfitting the base of your commode with a small footstool.

The idea of this small intervention is that it lifts a person’s legs. It gives them more of a “squatting” posture, the one humans use to make when going No. 2 outdoors before we invented modern plumbing.

The toilet footstool — probably best known because of its catchy name and commercials involving unicorns pooping, the Squatty Potty — was the subject of a recent study out of The Ohio State University that looked at its intended impact on a person’s defecation.

The study

They recruited 52 healthy volunteers and studied them for four weeks. Before the study even began, 44 percent of participants reported increased straining. Nearly a third said they had trouble completely emptying their bowels.

After using a Squatty Potty for a month, 71 percent of The Ohio State study’s participants reported experiencing faster bowel movements, and 90 percent reported less straining. Two-thirds said they would continue to use a toilet stool.

While “straining while defecating” is a subjective measurement for each person, it’s universally three words most people would like to keep out of their daily routine.

“This study shows that these simple devices may help symptoms like constipation, bloating, and incomplete emptiness and can help people have more comfortable and effective bowel movements,” Stanich said.

So what is the Squatty Potty? The Squatty Potty is a curved stool that nests against your toilet and elevates your feet, converting your “sitting” posture to a “squatting” posture. The resulting squatting position creates an easier pathway for fecal matter to travel by: Increasing the rectal canal angle. Relaxing a key pelvic muscle.

By elevating your feet during an appointment with the toilet, you are placing your colon and anal canal at an optimal position to eliminate your fecal matters. We always focus on what we feed our bodies for health but never focuses on how to optimally eliminate them. What goes in, must come out and the squatty potty is a non-invasive tool to focus on the latter.

I first saw this tool at a recent Yoga and meditation retreat I did. I went to the washroom and saw this little step at the base of the toilet. I thought it was designed for kids or as a step for small people. They had a sign there saying how to use it and to try it out. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to do my business using this tool. What a simple and effective device. The great thing about this is I notice how much less toilet paper I needed since one wipe seemed to take care of business effectively versus my usual four-five wipes at home. As a person who always tries to find ways, tips, gadgets, health power foods, and anything else that can improve my well-being, I was instantly hooked on this gadget. I have since ordered one on amazon and use it every day. I have noticed that I feel better and more energize and I do have less bloating and constipation for sure. How can something so simple as a step do all of this? Well, let’s look at the benefits of the squatty potty.

1- It creates the optimal angle

Ashkan Farhadi, MD, a gastroenterologist at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California agrees. He says, “The Squatty Potty does increase the rectal canal angle, from 100 degrees to 120 degrees. When we increase the angle, the rectum opens up. When we want to have a bowel movement, we open the angle.”

2- We were designed to squat, not sit

The Squatty Potty uses an Iranian study to showcase how humans were naturally designed to squat rather than sit on a toilet. Researchers asked subjects to compare their experiences using unraised squat toilets and Western toilets. The subjects concluded the squat toilets to be more comfortable and efficient.

3- It reduces strain

According to another study on the Squatty Potty, it requires less effort to empty your bowels when you’re squatting compared to sitting.

With that being said, why not give this a try yourself. If you are looking at reducing constipation and optimizing stool eliminate and bowel movements, this is exactly what you need in your life and it’s quite cheap. I know that for me, this checks as effective and I will keep using it from now on.

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