Yin Yoga with Matt

Online Free Professional Yin Yoga Classes

Yin Yoga with Matt is a free Youtube channel dedicated to the practice of Yin Yoga. The channel is run and operated by certified Yin Yoga instructor and peak coaching coach Matt Dupuis. Return your physical, mental, and emotional selves to balance through yin yoga and its calming, healing approach. Used by athletes, Hollywood actors, military and law enforcement personnel, cyclists, Olympic runners and many more; discover the benefits of this practice and start balancing your life today.

Yin yoga offers a remedy to the stress and hustle of your busy yang life. By concentrating on restorative poses that target your deeper fascia and connective tissues, you’ll experience increased flexibility and improved joint health. Yin yoga also focuses on deep breathing and longer hold times, allowing you the time and space to clear your mind and enhance your mental acuity. These meditative poses will help you attain a renewed sense of mindfulness and physical well-being, making them the perfect complement to an active yang lifestyle and helping bring you back into balance.

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